Modern Practitioners Toolkit #3: Preventing Fraud & Financial Abuse

How can you protect both your clients, and your own, personal detail from fraudulent mis-use?

A report by Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau in 2019 identified the vulnerable people were more at risk of falling victim to fraudsters. Fraud and financial abuse can take many forms, with abuse of trust and identity theft being common issues with which fraudsters may seek to mis-use vulnerable persons details for personal benefit. Vulnerable clients are often specifically targeted in such acts, and the perpetrator could either be unknown or known to the victim.

Similarly, with growing awareness of risk of cyber-crime we are acutely aware that Executors, Deputies and Attorneys are required to regular share personal data and copies of identity documents with a wide range of organisations in the course of their duties.

In our latest coffee break webinar, we’re delighted to be joined by Kirstie Brookman from the Vulnerability Registration service. Discussing practical steps and precautions to help you and your clients data from potential mis-use including;

  • Vulnerability Registration Service
  • Cifas Protective Registration
  • Experian Identity Plus

Modern Practitioners Toolkit #3 Preventing Fraud & Financial Abuse: 25th June at 11.00am

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