A Masterclass for Property Investor clients

A Masterclass for Property Investor clients

Friday 7th July 2017 10:00am – 11:00am

And Monday 10th July 2017 10:00am – 11:00am

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Friday 7th July

Monday 10th July

What Estate Planning services can we offer a client with rental residential or commercial property?

Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Limited (“CTTC”) strive to provide the best possible Estate Planning advice to each and every client, regardless of the client’s circumstance and the makeup of their Estate. Courtesy of the above, CTTC have a range of solutions for clients whose estate is slightly more complicated than we might normally encounter.

This month our team of experts will focus on those clients who have additional properties, either Residential or Commercial in addition to their principal private residence.

Previously we have examined what those clients with large property portfolios can do, outlining the methods of “Incorporating” their portfolio to benefit from several important tax savings.

BUT what about those clients that only have a small number of properties, those clients where it wouldn’t be economically viable to consider Incorporation? Is there anything that those clients can consider?

In this hour-long Webinar, CTTC will talk about how a client can do the seemingly impossible, give a property away and retain the rental income. Little known legislation specifically allows for the gift to take place without the Gift with Reservation (“GWR”) rules biting. Our team will talk you through the nuances of this legislation that can provide your clients with significant Inheritance Tax savings.

We will also consider how capital gains tax can affect rental property transfers and discuss whether clients can give away property pregnant with gain without having to pay the Capital Gains tax bill.

An in-depth discussion will be had regarding Chargeable Lifetime Transfers and guidance will be given on how to avoid the dreaded Professional Negligence claim lurking around the corner if the right questions are not asked.

And finally, we will discuss whether rental income generated by a rental property held in Trust will automatically trigger an income tax rate of 45%.

Unlike most professional Webinars, our Team will be on hand to answer all of your questions, regardless of the complexity or length.

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