Managing Risk In Your Will Writing Business

Every business faces risks that could present threats to its success.

Risk is defined as the probability of an event and its consequences. Risk management is the practice of using processes, methods and tools for managing these risks.

Here at Countrywide Legacy our aim is to:

  • help you safeguard your business
  • give your clients maximum protection
  • ensure your client’s wishes are actioned
  • win more business by increasing client satisfaction.

This month’s Supermen Webinar shows you exactly how our Legal Document Drafting Software will achieve all of this and much more.

During the Webinar we will be launching a brand new and revolutionary product. It’s a product that…

“every client will want


every Will writing business will want every client to have”.

Getting it right

We all understand the particular importance of taking full instructions which take account of each client’s needs, wishes and circumstances and ensuring that what we recommend and ultimately produce is the best possible solution to achieve the above aims.

With many legal firms requiring their legal staff to undertake the document drafting process there may be gaps in their knowledge levels no matter how well staff have been trained and mistakes can happen.

Protect your brand and reputation by using our inbuilt processes to recognise and reduce risks that may lead to negligence claims.

Countrywide Legacy’s Software acts as a “back stop” to prevent such errors occurring, with mandatory questions requiring to be answered before the user can progress with the instruction, seamlessly steering you and your staff through the entire process and risk managing and auditing each document from the instruction taking stage, right through to execution.

The Software is both intelligent and intuitive with systems and controls in place to ensure that your firm achieves the best outcome, with prompts and warnings highlighting where documents can be improved upon to further benefit the client and addressing issues such as tax events,  thus ensuring that nothing is missed and eliminating the possibility of human error. In fact, the more complex the client’s requirements, the more need for our Software.

Protection you can see

At Countrywide Legacy we are constantly developing our software and adding new features  to ensure that the entire process of instruction taking, legal document drafting and execution is as secure as possible.


  • We are all no doubt aware of the huge savings in both time and money to be gained from electronic signatures but how safe are they? The U.K has accepted electronic signatures since the Electronic Communications Act 2000.

A signature is as identifiable as a thumbprint, in some ways but, like a thumbprint, a written signature is just a one-dimensional mark on paper and it doesn’t tell anyone much about what actually happened when the person signed. An E-Signature however, is like a three dimensional thumbprint. It carries layers of information about who signed what, when, where and how and even on what device, creating a robust data trail.

The technology collects “process evidence” to prove what happened at every stage of the signing process. It records the exact steps signers go through when signing, capturing data about the appearance and order of web screens, documents and legal disclosures, and every action taken during review and signing.

Sealed against tampering by digital signature technology, once a document is signed electronically any attempt to edit the information will automatically render the digital / electronic signature visibly invalid. This is a major advantage over a signed piece of paper, which won’t necessarily alert you if it was forged or altered. In short, e-signatures pack a massive punch of informative data – all in one compact, streamlined package.

Unlike filing and storing signed paper documents, electronic files are much more portable, easier to manage.  Ease of access is crucial because electronic evidence of signatures must be accessible by all parties for the life of the record.

What E-signatures can do for your business

  • Save time and money – no more printing/scanning/ posting/chasing documents.
  • Faster turnaround – documents can be instantly signed at the point of sale or online at a time convenient to the client.
  • Client satisfaction – these days, clients are very familiar with signing documents, agreements and applications online and happy with the convenience this facility offers, providing clients with a greatly improved service offering.
  • Safe and secure – the system is 100% encrypted no outside parties can access documents.
  • Tamper proof – Using a robust audit trail we are able to see the client’s entire interaction with the documents. So we know the date and time it was signed, which device it was signed on, the IP address, who accessed the document and when, and even if the document was ever printed.
  • Document Management – Each document is tracked and your system updated instantly once signed meaning you always know where each document is in the process- no postal delays / missing documents. The system automatically sends confirmation emails to both the Consultant and the client informing them that the disclaimer has been signed and attaching a copy for their records.
  • Secure storage – Once the document is signed it is stored securely and safely for you to access anywhere on your device, this is convenient as you can then download and print/reprint the document if required, and view for future reference.

Larke v Nugus Package

  • Ensures you have all the information at your fingertips enabling you to fully respond to a Larke v Nugus request, quite literally at the Touch of a Button!
  • Allows you to respond to requests quickly and efficiently for clients with existing Wills
  • Ensures you are better prepared and helps future proof your client’s new Will and minimises the chances of a future claim.

Client Disclaimers

  • Intelligently identifies areas of concern and the implications in relation to the client’s estate planning (such as tax implications or where the Residential Nil Rate Band is partially or completely lost), thus ensuring best practice is followed.
  • The client confirms their understanding by electronically signing the Disclaimer, helping to mitigate the possibility of any future complaints against yourself

Click here to view an example of a Client Disclaimer

Document Preview

  • Preview legal documents being drafted in real time whilst taking client instructions, thus reducing the risk of any errors.

Client Notes

  • No longer will you need to take notes on paper at a client meeting. You can seamlessly enter notes into the Software, ensuring nothing is lost and all the information is secure. These notes can be stored on the client’s profile indefinitely for future reference, and can even be added to the Client Disclaimer for the client to read and confirm, providing transparency and further protection.

To Do Notes

  • You can also create to-do notes and tasks lists in the software for your own personal reference or for your members of staff to refer to, which can be marked off once completed

Document Execution System

  • The software details those clients with documents waiting to be executed and your clients with completed executed documents.
  • Where possible, documents (other than Wills etc) are executed with e-signatures providing an audit trail to refer to in the future.
  • Document Execution Statement – details exactly who was at the meeting, the time and place of the meeting, who witnessed the execution and how the document was signed for future reference.

Audit Trails

  • Our intelligent Software notifies you on any updates regarding your clients, enabling you to keep an accurate account of information which cannot be lost as it is safely secured electronically.

Estate Planning Reports

  • Includes financial summaries, Estate Planning recommendations and full Estate Planning reports,

What else is on offer?

Whilst we are totally committed to providing your business and clients with a legal document drafting software that offers the maximum protection available, we are equally committed to creating a user friendly and efficient system which improves efficiency. Below are just a few of the many features on offer.

100% Paperless System

  • Streamlines your operations, cuts costs and saves time
  • Delivers a better and faster service for producing documents.
  • Improved client service
  • Limitless storage of information
  • Audit trail from instruction taking to document execution

Online Wi-Fi Free

  • Ability to take client instructions anywhere, at the client’s home, hospital, nursing home or any venue of choice.

Electronic point of sale documents

  • Automatically generate Terms of Business, Rights to Cancel & Receipt
  • Client specific and personalised with your own costs and company details

Electronic Direct Debits

  • Set up direct debits for your client’s storage and orders, directly from your software.

CRM System

  • Manage all of your client interactions, which will help you run your business more efficiently

Multiple Trusts

  • The software will allow you to draft Multiple Trusts with different Trustees and beneficiaries simultaneously. This will be very efficient if the client wants a trust for say each of their children rather than one trust including all their children.

Consider for a moment what a legal document drafting software which involves, no paper, no scanning, no filing, saves time and money, is flexible enough to suit every size and type of business, has 78 products and counting, is intuitive and offers maximum protection against future claims for your business and your clients, can do for YOUR Will writing business.

To learn how Countrywide Legacy can help enhance and protect your Will writing business and takes your business to the next level…

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