Make Sure You Hit The Bulls Eye Every Time With Countrywide Legacy!

We understand how difficult training your staff can be, especially when information is misunderstood, due to a lack of knowledge and experience – which can have disastrous consequences! It is very easy for staff to make mistakes if they are unable to interpret training in the same way.

With the current surge in Wills being contested, your drafting processes need to be as robust as possible. It is crucial that nothing is overlooked within this process either from lack of experience or just human error and no matter how well trained your staff are mistakes will happen, which could prove extremely dangerous for your business.

Countrywide Legacy is the solution!

Countrywide Legacy will effectively ensure that all of your staff interpret the training in the same way, helping to eliminate:

  • Mistakes
  • Misunderstanding
  • Gaps in knowledge

Countrywide Legacy’s Software is intelligent and intuitive as it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ask mandatory questions that have to be answered before the user can progress with the instruction and thus acting as a “back stop” to prevent errors occurring. The software uses prompts and warnings highlighting where documents can be improved upon to further benefit your client, ultimately training your staff and eliminating human error.

To learn more about how our Software can help you to train your staff, contact us TODAY on:

Email:[email protected]
01926 514 392

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