For the majority of the UK, having children is a key driver for making a will

According to the YouGov Wills and Probate Report 2016, having a child or children is the key life event to prompt consumers to make a will.

A change in health circumstances is cited as the next most important reason.

Consumers continue to favour solicitors and law firms when choosing to make a will (63%), with 15% choosing a specialist will writer and 12% choosing to write the will themselves.

So, as a provider of will writing and estate planning services, how can you maximise this knowledge to your advantage and generate interest from this key target group?

  • Review your website in terms of the photos you use, messages you give and factual information you provide – i.e. is it of interest to those people you want to target and compelling enough to prompt them to contact you?
  • Take a look at the testimonials on your website, and on Google – have you a good balance of different reviews from different sections of consumers and what they wanted to achieve by making a will?
  • Review which networking events you attend – have you contacted mother and toddler groups, and other places parents attend for instance?
  • Review what material, handouts and marketing collateral you take to networking events – does it spell out how parents can protect and provide for their offspring?
  • Make sure you aren’t using legal jargon and that anything you provide is written in plain English and consumer-friendly.
  • If you are a parent yourself, talk about why you entered the will writing business, why you felt it was important to protect your children – present yourself as a real person in their shoes.

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