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The role of a Will Writer should not be underestimated.

Beyond having to simply comply with the relevant legislation, Will Writing professionals have someone’s future in their hands – a weight of responsibility which is often overlooked.

Of course, being entrusted to ensure that someone’s final wishes are accurately reflected is a rewarding job, but that’s not to forget the associated risks. Evolving case law and ever changing legislation can be difficult to keep up with, a factor indicated by the growing number of Wills being challenged in the past year alone.

If you’re in search of a trusted tool which will help reduce your risk, Arken might just be the answer.

Global leaders in their field, Arken have paved the way for innovative estate planning software, which creates fully compliant documents in a matter of minutes.

As well as up to date precedents to ensure that you won’t fall behind with relevant case law, the in-built tax and trust data will populate the document instantly, tailored in line with the needs of your client.

In addition to drastically reducing risk, Arken’s intuitive questionnaire means that your client can highlight the issues which are important to them, meaning that the advice you deliver will be specific to their needs.

Having been at the forefront of the estate planning market for over 25 years, Arken’s technology successfully delivers over 550,000 wills globally each year. As well as demonstrating their well-established position within the sector, it also highlights the extent of their experience; as every eventuality has been tested over the course of the business’ lifetime, this means that they’re well equipped to ensure that the documents you deliver can cover the most complex of cases. Instead of worrying about the risk of litigation or falling behind on workload, professionals can focus on building productivity and engaging with customers – after all, isn’t that what matters?

If you’re in search of a way to reduce risk and improve time efficiency, why not choose software which is used by 900 organisations worldwide?

Visit our website today at https://arken.legal/uk or call us on 01732 867792

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