Why being LinkedIn could generate more business for you

As Facebook and Twitter are used more and more in all areas of business, the benefits of utilising social media are becoming increasingly recognised within the Will Writing and Probate professions. Although marketing in the online world is now a well-established tool, there is still one social network that has been somewhat underestimated in its marketing capabilities – LinkedIn.

What methods are you currently using to attract new clients? How do you know what business could be yours but is being lost to your competition?

LinkedIn was once thought of as just a way to update your professional profile or to find a new job. This mindset is now evolving – clever professionals are using the benefits of LinkedIn for B2B marketing with proven results. The key to success is knowing how best to do it.

Will Writing is well known to be a difficult area to promote, with small organisations often relying on high-cost referrals in order to drive business. Most Solicitors and Will Writers will have lost money on advertising which didn’t work. We know that writing a Will is unlikely to be a priority for many people, often being something they are more likely to consider later in life. That said, with only 1% of the population having an LPA – which potentially means around 1% of people on LinkedIn who may even have their business succession plans at stake – you can see the opportunities.

With its content tool now available to all businesses, posting on LinkedIn can help you maximise exposure to a brand new audience. There are many platforms which you may already be distributing content to, but here’s why LinkedIn should be put to the top of your list.

According to Quick Sprout:

  • LinkedIn has over 170,000 sign ups each day
  • It generates over 180 million unique visits each month
  • It has a conversion rate 3x higher than Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn is a platform recognised as providing information with few distractions. By posting informative and reputable content, consumers are much more likely to act upon it.

By using LinkedIn, content can also go beyond the use of blogs alone. Sharing photos, videos and relevant topical content can really enhance your ability to gather attention and effectively reach your audience.

Now you know the benefits of LinkedIn, where can you find the content for your posts?

Providing Will Writing and Probate professionals with a monthly pack of consumer-friendly articles, Editor Assist can help you gain a presence within your local area. The informative content provided can be used in local press and handouts, as well as your website and online blogs.

The multiple benefits of using LinkedIn will be highlighted in an upcoming FREE webinar from Editor Assist.

Providing practical advice on how to generate business through the use of good content, this FREE webinar will cover:

  • How Will Writers can use LinkedIn to great effect
  • How to reach the right people
  • What content works best
  • How to post an article
  • How to like and share, and why this works for you

As well as lots more tips to generate business…

With a second date added due to popular demand, there are now two opportunities to attend this FREE webinar:

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