Lifetime Trusts & Gifting – including the new CTTC Ltd Gift Trust!

Supermen Webinar 50:
Lifetime Trusts & Gifting

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What’s on the Agenda?

The New CTTC Ltd (Countrywide) Gift Trust

Your clients can now gift as much as they want to the Countrywide Family Gift Trust without triggering a trust entry charge, periodic charge and exits charges!

Introducing the new Countrywide Family Gift Trust that has no limits as to how much can be settled in…

No Entry Charge!

No Periodic Charge!

No Exit Charge!

How have we done it?

Well you will have to tune in to find out!

Why have we done it?

  • To protect your clients from unexpected Trust tax liabilities
  • To protect you from claims from clients with unexpected Trust tax liabilities
  • To simplify the process for clients who wish to make large gifts in excess of their available Inheritance Tax nil rate bands

    Gifting and the Residence Nil Rate Band

    How can lifetime gifts help clients qualify for the RNRB?

  • RNRB brief update
  • Gifting and the RNRB, do lifetime gifts of the main residence qualify?
  • Gifting strategies to reinstate the RNRB for clients above the £2m taper threshold

Are Spousal bypass Trusts dead? NO!

Most in the financial services industry believe they are…

Introducing the Countrywide Flexible Pension Nomination

  • How it works
  • Why every client with pensions should consider one
  • Why flexi access may not always be the right option

Summary of the forthcoming Probate application fees

The role of Settlor interested Trusts

  • A brief summary of the probate application fees coming in April….
  • Probate trusts to reduce the fees

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