Let’s get down to brass TAX!

The last 2 webinars of the ‘Pentology’ have covered ‘death planning’ for couples, both married and non-married, but have not yet touched upon what the options are for clients with a real IHT liability.

We at Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd take pride in offering high quality guidance to help you provide the best estate planning advice to your clients.

Wealthy clients, in particular, are often concerned with Inheritance Tax (IHT) but unfortunately they can be caught out by the very strategy provided to solve this problem!

Our next Superhero Webinar 80 will be discussing the correct planning for those clients who wish to reduce their estate’s exposure to IHT.

We will also be covering IHT strategies which make a difference for the majority of clients, helping you to differentiate your offering from the competition and deliver the best strategy for your clients.

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Topics include:

  • Inheritance Tax
    • What is it?
    • When is it paid?
    • How much?
  • Inheritance Tax Exemptions
    • From small exemptions to significant and often overlooked exemptions, there are tax savings to be had!
  • The Residence Nil Rate Band
    • What is it?
    • When can it be lost?
    • When does taper relief come into the equation?
    • How having the right Will can immediately save £100,000 in IHT…
    • What about gifts in contemplation of death, how do they interact with tapering?
  • Gifting Assets
    • The 7 year rule
    • The 14 year rule
    • What comes first? A PET or a CLT?
    • Gift Trusts
    • Holdover Gift Trusts
  • Business Relief qualifying investments
    • When are these useful?
    • Should you retain these until death?
  • Life Assurance
    • What type of cover?
    • Covering the whole of a liability…
    • What about covering a small amount?

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