Leading Software Provider Offers Best Practice Tutorials For Private Client Practitioners

Arken.legal (UK) Ltd, the Industry leading private client software provider, now offers exclusive tutorials within its innovative, document generating tool for Wills and associated documents.  It already leads the way on productivity, consistency and customer experience and adds to this with these tutorials further enhancing the product.  Already, Arken is all about productivity and enables simple Wills to be done in half the time of normal drafting and more complex Wills up to 4 times more quickly.

These unique tutorials can now take your business to the next level by showing best practice with even the most complex of Wills. You will be able to see how an Arken expert user and founder of DPL Professional (Arken.legal’s previous name), Chris Brewer, would draft the Will.

These highly informative tutorials are always available when your firm signs in and can be viewed and altered at your leisure – as they can’t be saved or even be broken! They have a great overview page on each Will pinpointing the key elements of that Will and where to go to look at what best practice looks like for that Will in Arken.

The unique tutorials cover more comprehensive elements within Wills such as complex money bequests, trusts, children, using 6 levels of residue, protecting the family home, RNRB, Cross accrue, multi part Wills, Islamic as well as Lasting Powers of Attorney, Expressions of Wishes and Severance of Joint Tenancy.

The feedback Arken has already received from both novices and experienced users alike has been extremely positive indeed.

Are you [and your firm] looking to automate your Wills and probate business? Do you want to create efficiencies in document generation, ensure consistency in your Wills and associated documents and improve your customer experience? Or enhance security to your business processes? Arken can help you achieve all these goals and much more.

Want to know more?  Arken.legal explains all in a 60 minute webinar giving a demonstration of their pioneering product and how it can help with your firm’s productivity, consistency, customer satisfaction and security.

Webinar Details

Title : Discover Arken and achieve growth and efficiency in your private client business

Date : Tuesday 4th December 2018

Time : 10.00am – 11.00am

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Arken.legal assist private client solicitors and professional advisors pass the world’s wealth to future generations without conflict or challenge through providing advanced technology solutions. They help your business deliver your services to your customers efficiently and profitably through pioneering technology.