Kings Court Trust’s latest blog explores the rules of intestacy

As a professional working within the Wills and Probate industry, you know how important it is for individuals to create a Will to ensure their estate is not left to the rules of intestacy upon their passing. Although, how many of your prospective and current clients still do not understand what would happen to their estate if they were to die without a Will?

Kings Court Trust’s latest blog aims to educate your clients on the intestacy rules and what happens when a person dies without a Will. The blog includes:

• Interesting statistics on the percentage of UK adults who have a Will, including parents and cohabiting couples
• Detailed information and an infographic highlighting the rules of intestacy
• The importance of writing a Will in today’s modern age
• Guidance on administering an intestate estate

This blog is a great resource for you to share with prospective and current clients.

Click here to read the informative blog.

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