Blog explores the importance of estate planning

Death is not a topic that people like to consider or discuss, however, as professionals working within the Wills and probate industry, we all know that planning ahead is more important than ever to ensure a person’s affairs are in order before their passing.

Planning for the future has a number of benefits including; guaranteeing a person’s wishes are heard, ensuring loved ones receive the full benefit of a legacy, and reducing unnecessary stress that loved ones may face when administering the estate upon a person’s passing.

Kings Court Trust’s latest blog post offers some guidance on the importance of estate planning and ensuring your clients’ affairs are in order.

More specifically, it looks at:

  • Keeping an up to date Will
  • Creating a well-written and well-thought-out Will
  • Discussing the contents of a Will with loved ones in advance
  • Financial advice and effective Inheritance Tax planning
  • Digital estate planning services

This blog is a great resource for you to share with prospective and current clients.

Click here to read the informative blog.

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