Join Us As We Prepare To Do Battle Against The Hackers!

Time for change

Recently, we have all made many changes to the way we work. At Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd we used this as an opportunity to step back and take a fresh look at everything we do. One of those changes is to create an even more extensive range of topics for our existing Webinars.

Introducing our very first Superhero Webinar!

Having even more Superheroes on hand means that we can ensure both our clients and our businesses are better protected. September’s webinar will expose the risks we all face every day from Cyber-attack!

Naturally, the pandemic has meant more and more businesses increasing their use of technology and with this comes an increased risk of this form of attack. Knowing exactly what these risks are and how to protect against these is vital and so we consulted with an internet security specialist Start Software, who our Directors have built up a strong working relationship with over the last 20+ years and asked for their advice.

We felt that we wanted to share this information with those in the legal industry, inviting Robin Bennett MA (Oxon) FIAP MIoD, the Director of Start Software, to deliver a presentation at our very next Webinar.

Robin was the developer of Will Writer for Windows, the UK’s first successful Will writing software which means that he has a complete insight as to how we, as Will writers and Private Client Practitioners operate and understands exactly what is required for our industry.

Using his vast experience as a visiting lecturer in Internet security, Robin will show you exactly HOW to keep your business and clients safe and secure.

The Webinar has been designed to suit, whether you’re an IT guru or just happy to be able to access your emails without issue !

Webinar 69 – “Six Steps to Cyber-Safety”

How to protect yourself, your business and your clients

A practical and entertaining webinar showing you how to protect yourself, your business and your clients from IT and internet risks. No prior knowledge assumed or expected – learn about the steps you can take to avoid the most common and dangerous security pitfalls.

  1. Introduction – why IT security matters and what can go wrong
  2. Protecting your phone and your laptop
  3. Malware – viruses, ransomware & more
  4. Backups – are they needed in the world of the cloud?
  5. Scams! How to spot and avoid them
  6. The problem with emails (and a solution!)

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