Promoting Your Business In Difficult Market Conditions

Despite wages beginning to increase and the economy continuing to grow, people are still susceptible to price when it comes to legal services.

Unfortunately, recent research from the Bar Standards Board (BSB), has found that there remains a perpetual stereotype that legal services are too expensive for the average consumer.

Perceptions of affordability prevent a staggering 63% of the public from accessing vital legal services, with the Legal Services Board data also highlighting ‘perceived high costs’ as a barrier to legal services.

Additionally, Government announcements that probate fees are set to rise will only squeeze the Wills and probate sector even more, making it increasingly more hostile to win new business.

When price becomes an increasingly important consideration in the sector, consumers will be driven by the cost of service and the value for money they will receive. As the market becomes more competitive, setting yourself apart from the competition will be increasingly important.

Emphasising your expertise, knowledge and experience in the Wills and probate sector, will be imperative to converting potential into actual business.

IPW and ISPW customer feedback for September has highlighted the positive feelings our customers have about the quality service we provide. Of the 97 respondents, 90% deemed IPW and ISPW legal services as ‘excellent’ with the final 10% viewing their experience as at least ‘good.’

The fact that 100% would recommend a member highlights the additional reputational business that could be harnessed from becoming an IPW or ISPW member.

Becoming an IPW or ISPW member will highlight your expertise, experience and dedication to clients. As well as taking advantage of our unparalleled approval rating, you will also enter a supportive, welcoming organisation that will help your specialism and business grow and develop.

To set yourself apart from the competition by emphasising the incredible value for money your firm will offer, it has never been a better time to join the industry’s leading Wills and Estate Planning organisiation.

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