How the IPW can support your business

Whether you’ve been established for years or are just starting out, being a professional Will-Writer will never be easy.

As a group made up of professionals, the Institute of Professional Will Writers acknowledge the barriers that your business can face as well as the challenges which can arise when it comes to engaging with clients.

As well as helping you to establish your business through development and expertise, our fundamental priority is to provide you with support.

Over the more than 25 years that the IPW has existed, we have grown to understand the vitality of providing our members with expert support. As one of the key elements which differentiates us from similar organisations, the support we provide underpins the development and other benefits which membership offers, truly providing the best foundation for your business.

What makes the IPW different when it comes to supporting your and your business?

  • We’re highly knowledgeable. Our support team are long standing and highly experienced in what they do.
  • We’re always there to help. Our lively forums enable IPW members to receive support and advice whenever they need it, at any time throughout your career.
  • We’ve been there. Our members understand any issues you may be facing as we’ve experienced them first hand. As a network, experiences and guidance can easily be shared.
  • We support your whole business. Rather than just technical support, IPW membership enables you to receive advice for all aspects of your business.

To find out more about the IPW and how you can become a member, please click here.

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