IPW achieve Chartered Trading Standards Institute renewal

The Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) and The Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters (ISPW) have again had their membership of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute Approved Consumer Code status renewed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

The renewed accreditation highlights the excellent and accurate work that is consistently completed by members of the IPW and ISPW.

The audit looked at various sections of the organisation, including:

  1. New Members
  2. Existing Member Inspections/Audit
  3. Membership Withdrawal and Sanctions for Non Compliant Member Businesses
  4. Marketing and Advertising by Member Businesses
  5. Terms and Conditions and other Pre-Contractual Information
  6. Customer Service Provisions
  7. Consumer Complaints Process 8. Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

According to the 2017 audit report, the CTSI concluded that the: “Institute of Professional Willwriters is fulfilling its obligations as a code sponsor and its membership is compliant with the CCAS core criteria and the Institute of Professional Willwriters Consumer Code.

“The Institute’s rigorous application process, the CPD programme, the ongoing support and backed by the robust auditing programme ensures that only members who are compliant, competent and adhere to the Institute’s strict code of practice can operate as will-writers using the IPW’s logo.

“The IPW responded comprehensively to all queries raised. Overall, this is a well-run and effectively managed code of practice.”

Although the 2018 report has not been published, the sentiments expressed remain consistent as the CTSI continue to approve their consumer code status.

There are clear benefits to becoming a member of such an established brand like that of Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Firstly, the CTSI are a mark of business excellence and consumer fairness. This means that our customers and potential legal service users will be reassured by both IPW’s and ISPW’s CTSI accreditation. Potentially, this could be a reason for retaining and finding new business opportunities.

Similarly, becoming a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters also highlights the high standards and quality service your company will offer, as you will be joining an organisation that is “well run and effectively managed,” where only “members who are compliant, competent and adhere to the Institute’s strict code of practice can operate as will-writers using the IPW’s logo.”

If you want to establish your business and brand as outstanding, and display both the Chartered Trading Standard Institute logo alongside the IPW logo, then becoming an IPW member is an integral and important starting point. You will be joining a valuable organisation of determined, hardworking businesses striving to deliver a service of remarkable quality.

Membership of the IPW costs less than you think.

To find out more about becoming an IPW member or using our unique and bespoke CPD opportunities and training, please use the following link.

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