Introducing Property Ladder Group

The Property Ladder Group

Introducing Property Ladder Group, your one stop property powerhouse. Our ultimate aim is to manage property sales, in compliant, efficient, cost effective and stress free manner. It’s a tried and tested service, the Property Ladder’s experienced team, are here to provide advice and support to you and your clients. We take care of the whole process, every step of the way, so you don’t have to.

Our Services

PLG specialise in all areas of solicitor litigation, providing HMRC compliant probate valuation reports that cover Section 160 Inheritance Tax Act 1984 and Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992. We manage probate property sales, matrimonial sales, and court of protection sales. Our innovative ideas and process sets us apart from the crowd, we are adept at providing concise, accurate valuation reports, we ensure that the entire sale process is results driven, and our proactive approach to sales progression is focused on faster completions. Our services extend to vacant property insurance, property clearance, general and ongoing property maintenance. We can arrange drain downs, lock changes, storage and even the sale of assets including cars. Our essential time saving services are invaluable, and if it’s not listed, just ask, and our friendly team will be pleased to assist.

About Us

Helen Graham and Darren Leggett are co-founders of The Property Ladder Group, we have over 50 years of experience working within the property sector. Our core business originates from law firms, professional deputies, probate practitioners, house builders and selling residential property for the general public. Our in depth knowledge and passion for driving the best customer service experience, make us a dynamic force within the property sector. Our approach is forward thinking, our vision is clear, and having the freedom to deliver a first class service without compromise, are ultimately our inspiration for creating The Property Ladder Group.

Our Team

The foundation of any successful business are the staff, and we are fortunate to have a dedicated team in place, who are buzzing with ideas, have a can do approach, and understand the value of providing a first class customer service experience. Our staff are experts in all aspects of the property sales process, specialising in providing concise, accurate and compliant property valuations, we have persuasive sales negotiators and extremely tenacious sales progression, all geared to manage property sales in a timely and stress free manner.

Innovative Technology

Clear, concise communication is a key component to any business. Our considerate staff undertake enquiries, in what can often be at a difficult time, with compassion and discretion. Property Ladder Group have commissioned innovative technology which allows for real time reporting at every stage of the process, from valuing, reporting, marketing, selling or progression. This dynamic approach allows our team go the extra mile to achieve optimal results, ultimately enabling us to sell properties quickly and for the best possible price.

Our Ethos

The ethos behind PLG is not to be defined by boundaries, we think outside of the box, our tech inspired approach enables us to work quicker, smarter and more efficiently, saving you time and giving added value to your clients. Our services are extensive, and our flexible approach allows us to adapt a service tailor made to suit your client’s needs, whilst at the same time ensuring you remain complient throughout the whole process.

Our Process 

The process utilises the services of 3 local estate agents, who assist with providing opinion on pricing, presentation of the property and local market conditions. Our mission is to provide an accurate, HMRC compliant valuation appraisal, to manage onward marketing of the property using the services of the 3 local valuing agents with no tie in period, negotiating and securing the best possible sale price. Our team will undertake all AML and chain checks, issue sales memo and progress to completion within an optimal time frame.

Case Study

Property Ladder Group have an model case study, whereby the beneficiaries disputed an RICS valuation for a property in London. The property had been languishing on market for about 9 months, and our intervention came at the perfect time, following the cessation of a lengthy sole agency agreement. PLG reappraised the property, providing a compliant, accurate valuation, taking into account the challenging London property market. We implemented marketing with 3 fresh agents, who were enthused and motivated and to sell. Property Ladder Group successfully achieved a sale in region of our suggested marketing price, within a period of 5 weeks.  This is a perfect case study, and demonstrates a valuable insight into our approach to property sales. It’s a tried and tested service, we take care of the whole process, every step of the way, so you don’t have to.

The Benefits

The benefits of using The Property Ladder Group are evident :

  • Our services ensure your compliance, no other service provider can offer this across the board as we do.
  • We sell properties in a timely and stress free manner, for the best possible price
  • Property Ladder Group arrange accurate HMRC compliant property valuations – it’s a tried and tested process
  • Endless reciprocal business opportunities, working with Property Ladder Group encourages referrals and leads
  • Our flexible approach allows us to adapt a service to suit your client’s needs

To find out more, give us a call today on 0330 124 7434


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