Increasing Client Retention and Loyalty through Life & Legacy Planning

Think of all the planning you do every day. From what you’ll wear, to what’s on your family’s agenda, to tasks you must do this week to keep the household moving. What are the most pressing things that need to get done versus what can wait until you have some extra time? These are typical day-to-day duties to keep your life on track. But you have an additional responsibility: Taking care of your clients.

Some of it is beyond your control. While you do your best to give great legal advice, no one can predict the future. You don’t know if a client will blame you for things out of your control. So, what is something  you can control? You can offer a level of service that makes them see the value you provide.

What Is Digital Life & Legacy Planning? A Life & Legacy Plan accounts for every aspect of a client’s life, as well as how they’d like to be remembered when they’re gone. Here’s a sampling of the larger aspects:

  • Important Contacts
  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Accounts
  • Medical Information & Decisions
  • Digital Estate
  • Vendors & Services
  • Family Details
  • Funeral & Legacy Wishes

When you look into all these topics you start to realise how much a person is responsible for in their life, and how little of it is accounted. There are hundreds of small things that can create extra stress for family members who are dealing with the aftermath of a deceased loved one. Such as what happens to the car? Or the family pet?

Providing a life planning platform, like Legado, can help differentiate you from other legal firms, whilst also creating clients for life. Here are four ways this can help improve retention of your clients:

1. Stay Connected and Engaged with your clients

Once your clients start using Legado, you now have a roadmap to their life, as well as the opportunities to ensure they are better prepared for the future. Currently, you might get in touch with quarterly reports and maybe on their birthday. Legado exists to help you get everything important organised once and for all – Wills, life insurance policies, pension statements, pet information, funeral plans and so much more.

By having all your client’s information in one place you can see when they add something (if you have been selected as a nominee) which is a good chance to get in touch with your client for a chat, a simple chat about anything you may be able to help with. For example, if they have bought a new car, have they got insurance? A new family pet? Who will pay the vet bill if something were to happen to you, or moving house and all the stress that comes with that, as you don’t want to leave things until they are too late.

2. Become a Focal Point

You become a focal point in their lives and the lives of their families, as opposed to only providing one service. As many people don’t understand how much actually goes into all the personal affairs of someone’s life, your job is to make them feel safe that it will all go smoothly. An insurance agent wants to be one of the first numbers a client calls after an accident. You want to be that first important contact for a whole host of life situations your client may be experiencing. Whether it’s legal related or not, if your client makes you a nominee in their Legado digital vault, you will know where the most important documents are stored, who needs to be contacted, and other ways to help the family during a crisis.

3. Build Deeper Relationships

You get to know more about your clients when dealing with their personal and sensitive information, which helps you make better decisions about the services you currently provide. They may only have a partially completed estate plan or a will that hasn’t been updated on a decade. These are insights you will now get using Legado’s intelligent planning platform.

4. Become the Family & Friends Advisor

By establishing a deeper relationship with your clients, Legado puts you in prime position to get to know their family and friends as well. Legado’s built-in sharing mechanisms — we call these people Nominees — allow your clients to point family, friends, and associates in your direction. You now have a hot lead on a potential client. The Nominee system makes an Legado valuable to your clients and your practice.

Getting to know your clients most trusted family and friends ensures a smooth transition after they pass, as well as knowing the important people in their life before it is too late.

In Conclusion

Small changes such as being a nominee and checking up on your client and what their plans are every so often is so important to ensuring that the client is getting what they what and they are prepared for the future. People put off life planning for various reasons and think they have plenty of time. When in reality no one knows what’s going to happen. It’s not easily talked about with some people which is why building trust in the relationship with your client will result in a better outcome for them. And, when something does happen, you’ll know that their sensitive data is safe and so are their loved ones.

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