Hoowla’s Wills And LPA Quote Calculator Goes From Strength To Strength

Our latest tool makes it easy to provide quick quotes and ensure price transparency for wills and Lasting Power of Attorney

At Hoowla, we’re always looking for new ways to help solicitors improve their processes and serve customers efficiently. Take our latest tool, for example: a calculator that lets law firms quickly generate quotes for wills and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) services.

As well as helping with price transparency and ensuring compliance following recent SRA rule changes, this calculator offers a fast and easy way to generate quotes, improving customer experience and simplifying the quotes process for legal professionals.

While testing the wills and LPA calculator during a soft launch with a select number of existing Hoowla users, we received lots of positive feedback from solicitors who were surprised at how useful the tool is. Having a piece of software that handles quotes, automates emails and simplifies management proved to be highly valuable for these users, so we’re pleased to be launching the calculator publicly so that the rest of the industry can benefit from using it.

The wills and LPA calculator reports on the number of quotes completed and creates lead alerts, with automatic reminders to follow up with sales enquiries. You can embed the tool on your website for customer convenience and price transparency, and it can also be used on the go from mobiles, tablets and other devices, benefiting lawyers who want to provide easy quotes during meetings or phone calls.

We continue to experience success with our conveyancing calculator, which generates over 23,000 quotes per month and has become an essential tool for many solicitors. Our wills and LPA calculator hopes to build on this momentum, opening up new opportunities for lawyers in this important sector.

If you’re interested in giving our wills and LPA quote calculator a go yourself, get in touch and request a demo today.

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