It’s good to have a choice

Over the past few years, the Will drafting industry has been a pretty closed shop.The industry standard being set by the market leader, which, let’s be honest, has to be good thing, as any “Standard Setting” can only promote consistency throughout an industry. This has, however, left a few of us to chase a rather small part of the market. Alas, as time moves forward and technology demands change, isn’t it great to see the market open up? Well, it is for us, because we have been one of those companies chasing a rather small market for many a year.

For the past 15 years we have been providing software solutions to the legal industry, with the past 3 years concentrating on Will and associated document production, and, though we say it ourselves, we like to think that it was our innovation and offerings that shook up the industry and revolutionised the status quo.

Egos aside, from a vendor and consumer perspective, this is a really exciting time to be involved in Will writing, drafting and legal documentation production, as the choice of offerings is putting the consumer back into the driving seat, with different choices, options and features. The world really is geared up for you, the Will Writing Professional.

So, where do Swift come in, in the newly opened market?

  • Do you want unlimited access anywhere with unlimited case building? That is Swift.
  • Do you want specific group working, where you can access each other’s case files, sharing information within your company? That is Swift.
  • Do you want to create a case in Aberdeen and have the office in Cornwall print out the documents instantly? That is Swift.
  • Do you want to access your years of working history and access the information that you created on a system that you paid for, that you thought you had lost? That is Swift.
  • Do you want a client portal, so your clients have instant access to letters, draft documents and can send you secure information? That is Swift.
  • Do you want independence from moving goal posts, from others deciding things for you? That is Swift.
  • Do you want a system that will give you your created documents in Word and PDF and will not hamstring you with peculiar material? That is Swift.
  • Do you want to follow the herd because someone else said you should and has made decisions for you? Then, you probably don’t want Swift.

A great man once said, times they are a changing. If you are a Will Writing Professional, you now have a choice, if you have structured your business around security and trust, now, you must make a choice.

As to why we paid for an advertorial, we want to let you know who we are, what we do and importantly what we can do for you; yes, you all have a choice in software now and yes, you might have to make a choice in the very near future. But in making that choice, we think it is fair and proper to let you know, that we anticipated the changes in the “Standard” and we prepared for the fact that you might want to transfer your data, that you own. The Swift Estate Planning software and CMS has a built-in algorithm that can take standard information from files that you own, that you thought you might lose and import them into your very own Swift Case Management System for you. What does this mean? Simply, if you made a Will for Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2008, if you own the files that make up the backbone of that case (called WQ files) we can harvest some of the information from that case and import it into Swift, so, if Mr. and Mrs. Smith call up tomorrow to amend their Will, you will have the salient data on which to “amend” their Will without having to say, can we start all over again, all you have to do is listen to their amendment and build a new Will in Swift, inside 10 minutes.

We understand that changing software is a massive decision, so we openly invite you to try the software simply click here or email us at and our office pet robot will send you a link to self-register for a trial.

Swift Case Management System: Anytime, anywhere will writing, with no hidden charges, for only £60 per month.

This article was submitted to be published by Swift Estate Planning Services as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills & Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills & Probate.

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