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Will writing and its significance is a subject rarely covered in popular culture. When it’s highlighted, however it is important that the opportunity to increase awareness among clients is acknowledged.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the emotional true story of a mother who wrote her two boys a wish list has been translated onto the big screen, with the release of Mum’s List starring Emilia Fox.

Aged just 37, Kate Greene died in 2010, having written her hopes and ambitions for her sons Reef (aged 12) and Finn (aged 10). For their father St John, she had also included instructions including ‘buy orange Club biscuits regularly’ and ‘always kiss them goodnight’.

Having left her family 79 wishes, St John (also known as ‘Singe’) immortalised his wife’s story into a book; writing about her battle with cancer as well as her legacy of love. It soon became a bestseller and has since been printed in 22 languages.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Singe said: “The list’s helped us. We’ve had so much to focus on, from the smallest thing to big things like scuba diving in the Red Sea and getting a speedboat.”

He commented on how one of her most challenging requests involved finding a four-leaf clover.

“I had people scouring the countryside and I sprinkled seeds by her grave, thinking they might grow by her,” Singe said. “After I found one in a field, we searched for more, and in the end we got five in an afternoon. It was incredible.”

As well as translating an emotive story onto screen, the film highlights the real importance of consolidating an individual’s final wishes. It is essential that, as an industry, the significance of making a will is made clear. Not only does it ensure affairs are adequately in order, it also provides a client with peace of mind that those left behind are provided for in line with whatever wishes they may have.

Where issues relevant to your business are highlighted in the media, it is important to utilise them as a platform to encourage client awareness. This could be though your website, social media, newsletters or handouts.

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