From the Desk of the DG – New Partnership And Courses

The College of Will Writing announces a new partnership and a new range of courses.

The Society in association with the College of Will Writing is excited to announce the launch of a new range of specialist courses and a new presenter.

The original launch date was September, but we have decided to launch the first two courses early.

Each one-day course is designed and delivered to help members develop new skills, to enhance and build on existing ones when it comes to selling both your services and you.

Selling Wills “off the page” so to speak, has never been easy, the more successful sales pitches are done face to face, whether that is in a shopping mall, as part of a larger exhibition or addressing a charitable group, you need the confidence to be successful.

These first two courses are on the 16 and 17 July in Lincoln and given by award-winning Paula Finch who describes herself as an entrepreneurial businesswoman who likes to buck the trend and do things differently in ways that get results.

On 16th July, there is a practical seminar titled Powerful Presentations. The morning is taken with presenting with style, confidence and professionalism the afternoon is putting into practice what you’ve learnt in the morning.

The following day (17th), Building lead generation processes that work and is about finding new customers, selling is about telling – don’t be your own best-kept secret. If you’re serious about your business, you will want to find new customers and develop a customer base. The course will show you how, using tried and tested tools that you do not need to be afraid to try something new on a regular basis.

These two days combined will introduce you to:

  • The golden rules of presenting, objective clarity, getting to know your audience and about making a strong first impression – after all in many cases we only get one chance;
  • Losing those nerves and delivering with confidence;
  • When and how to use presentation tools;
  • When and how to use props for the greatest effect;
  • New learning styles and how to incorporate them to win over your audience;
  • Setting targets;
  • Getting the message delivered to the right person at the right time;
  • How to think differently;
  • How to work on rather than in the business;
  • Opportunity to step outside the business;
  • Focus on development;
  • Opening your mind to new opportunities;

The two days will give you a toolbox of marketing and practical ideas and processes that work.

The cost of each individual day is usually £115 per day for SWW members slightly more for non-members.

As an introductory offer, for non-members the courses are the same price £115 each day.

If you book both dates, there will be a further reduction for all students to just £195 for both dates.

Note: this offer will not be available when the main start dates begin in September

Contact the Society on 01522 687888, visit or email [email protected] for further information. Note all courses offered by the College of Will Writing are available to everyone, not just Members.

Written by Brian W McMillan, Director General of The Society of Will Writers

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