Four ways a digital vault can enhance your client relationships

How are you growing your client relationships?

You are already your client’s go-to for professional advice or key legal services and products.That relationship is important to them—and valuable to you. What are your plans to grow it? Even people with excellent planning have an important area they may be neglecting: what is going to happen after they’re gone.

End-of-life planning and providing a digital vault is your chance to deepen the reach and relevance of your services to your customers.

End-of-life planning may be the answer

End-of-life planning is not all wills and probate. In fact, it’s far broader and more emotional than that.

It is turning off the TV and taking care of the family dog. It is thinking about whether someone wants flowers at their funeral or gifts for their favourite charity.

It is the act of organising all the important details of one’s life (and death) in a secure place and communicating last wishes to those closest to them.

There are so many reasons clients should prioritise end-of-life planning, from sparing their loved ones from piles of paperwork and financial hassles to just sleeping better. Incorporating this type of planning into your business can benefit you as well: strengthening your relationships, broadening your role, and reaching the next generation of clients.

Your clients aren’t currently having these conversations, which provides you with a valuable opportunity to be the one leading it.

1. Clients want it. The data shows they need it. Yet very few legal firms are providing it.

Death is a taboo subject. Clients don’t know what’s going to happen after they’re gone. As new research shows, end-of-life planning is a significantly undervalued area in the UK:

  • Sixty percent of adults in the United Kingdom do not have a will.
  • Only 25% of consumers have done any kind of estate planning.
  • Consumers are aware of the value of estate planning, and around half of consumers consider estate planning as part of being a good spouse/parent.

Although they may not have done any estate planning, your clients are thinking about it more and more. Roughly one-third of consumers say COVID-19 has made them think more seriously about what would happen if they died. Despite strong interest in the subject, a significant number of consumers face barriers to engaging in estate planning. These barriers include the perception that their estates are too small to justify planning, as well as the view that end-of-life planning only means making a will.

This is where you can help. Partnering with Legado makes providing end-of-life planning simple, with our easy-to-use and intuitive planning experience.

2. Become more indispensable

You can help by providing your clients with a digital vault and end-of-life planning experience. When you help your clients be proactive about a key piece of their life planning, you strengthen their faith in your judgment and resources.

Every end-of-life plan has a “why.” By providing a platform that talks to them about the people, assets and sticking points that shape their choices, you will understand them better.

3. Reach the next generation of clients

Legado’s digital vault provides a unique link between your clients of today and your clients of tomorrow. By providing your expertise to beneficiaries, you continue to serve your clients loyally even after they are gone.

Through the process of making end-of-life plans with clients, you’ll learn about the most important people in their lives and have opportunities to connect with them through Legado’s collaboration features.

4. A perfect reason to re-connect at future life moments

Legado’s planning platform will provide future windows of opportunity to reengage clients, ensuring you remain front and centre as they conduct their life planning and organisation. This isn’t just about ink on a document. It’s about providing a planning platform that stays with your client for life.


Incorporating Legado’s life planning platform into your business can strengthen every client relationship you have. With Legado, you can give your clients a digital vault to efficiently manage all their legal, financial, healthcare and personal information in one, secure place, where their loved ones can find it when they need it.

Our platform can be co-branded with your face, your name and your business—so when they see their digital vault, they see you. We can also integrate into your existing systems, making data transfer and client creation seamless.

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