Estate Planning: The devil is in the details…

As many of you will know, Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd offer a holistic toolkit to our associates including the most advanced private client document drafting software in the business, Countrywide Legacy, as well as a highly skilled team of in house estate planning experts to guide you in providing the best advice to your clients.

We also offer free Will reviews for our Advisors, where we analyse their client’s existing Wills and Estate Planning documents detailing the good, the bad and the ugly, and explain where it could be improved. We have noticed a trend in planning where, despite the previous Will writer having thought they were doing the best for their clients, it has unfortunately resulted in the client’s objectives not being fully met.

In particular, the increasingly wealthy clients’ concerns are often focussed on Inheritance Tax (IHT), and unfortunately even those with the best intentions for their clients can be caught out as the devil is often in the details.

The ideal outcome is to put the correct strategy in place to ensure that, as far as possible, the client’s main objective is met, but not at the expense of what may be secondary or tertiary priorities.

So, join us on our free webinar on Friday 5th March and Monday 8th March at 10:00am where we will be covering in detail the planning for those clients who wish to reduce their estate’s exposure to IHT.

As with all planning, for the best strategies to work, it’s the attention to detail that matters. It’s not all just about gifting and waiting 7 years or investing in an IHT relievable investment!

We will also be covering the components of IHT strategies which will make a great difference for the majority of clients. We can also help to differentiate your offering from other Advisors, delivering the best overall and complete strategy for your clients whilst simultaneously generating revenue for you and your business.

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