Estate Planning for Single clients / Unmarried partners

The Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation toolkit is designed for you to be able to give your clients best advice, via our Estate Planning team, and the best documentation via our in house developed Legacy software.

The ability to cater for all clients is becoming increasingly demanding, and thus having everything you need in your drafting ‘toolkit’ is vital. Our latest webinar is designed to further your knowledge when planning for single clients and unmarried partners and to assure you that the Estate Planning team is here to support our members and advise on strategies for every type of client according to their needs. The Legacy software can draft whatever it is you require to provide the ‘best advice’ solution for all your clients, including single / unmarried partners.

The latest in our Superhero Webinar series No 79 will give you a brief overview of:

  • Intestacy: What this can mean for single clients, and the devastating implications for unmarried partners!
  • What should a single client’s will look like? Looking at the potential for ‘double’ IHT when using basic wills or Flexible Life Interest Trust wills for unmarried partners!
  • Planning for incapacity: LPAs: Every client should have them!
  • Exploring the types of trust that you should consider for your client’s Wills…
  • Lifetime planning options: In particular the Probate Preservation Plus Trust and the Family Investment Probate trust. Should every client use these?

and much more…

To learn more about the estate planning strategies available for your single clients and those clients living as an unmarried partnership, why not join us on one of our FREE webinars to be held on:

Friday 9th July

Monday 12th July


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