Superhero Webinar 77: Estate Planning for Corporate Clients

Many Advisors hesitate when it comes to dealing with corporate clients, worried that their estate planning knowledge will let them down, but this means missing out on many opportunities. Estate planning for clients with businesses when done correctly can reap significant rewards for both the client and the practitioner.

Our next Superhero Webinar will further your current knowledge and awareness of what planning may be implemented for your business clients ensuring that you can break through into the Corporate market with ease.

Having conversations with business owners about what they would want to happen on their own or one of their business partner’s deaths is vital.
Planning for the ‘what if’ can make all the difference. Tune in to find out more!

Topics include:

• Business Relief: a brief guide
• What should a corporate client’s Will look like?
• Planning for incapacity: Business LPAs
• Cross Option/Double Option agreements: What you need to know

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