Embrace digital technology to help grow your business 

Think about your typical day and the interactions you have with technology. We ask Alexa to switch on our lights or control the heating before we get out of bed. Blurry eyed, we stumble through our phones and have instant access to the world’s news. You can catch a tube and find the entire outer shell covered with interactive, constantly updating advertising. We are contactless, often bank-cardless consumers using phones to make payment transfers. Humans are technology consuming machines.  

So why should your business be any different? After all, we use it to facilitate and help our lives become more efficient, faster, better.  

Business should be looking to help technology improve our efficiency, speed of service, whilst also protecting us and our consumers from the very real cyber threats. 

We live in the era of the Millennial, a growing and ageing sector that are fast becoming the most powerful consumers in history. Their reliance on the internet and technology highlights a trust in online content and recommendations. Understanding and embracing new technology and social proofing your business is therefore integral to success in the modern age. 

Do you understand AI, automation, big data, predictive analytics, SaaS, blockchain, the latest social media platforms? Understanding and implementing these concepts could see your business become the next booming success.  

Technology has the capacity to reduce human error by using it for workflow and document generation. We can improve security issues by embracing cloud technologies rather than relying on vulnerable in-house options.  

Technology will allow us to collaborate, innovate, find solutions to current flaws we have not even contemplated. It is time to make your business faster, safer and more efficient. 

Do you want to know more? Do you want to find new ways to integrate technology to help improve your business? Come to our free Webinar and gain a greater insight into how technology is transforming the probate sector and helping to increase the number of people whose legacies are protected.   

 Join Dave Newick, MD of Arken.Legal as he guides you through the latest developments in technology- what they all mean and how you can use them to your advantage.  

The Webinar will take place on Monday, 17th September at 2pm. 

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