Effective estate planning: Lessons from celebrity deaths

Regardless of our age, wealth, health or status, we all should know the importance of estate planning, especially creating a Will. When a celebrity dies, the world often learns how well or poorly they have planned for the distribution of their estate. That’s why in Kings Court Trust’s latest blog post, they explore the valuable lessons about estate planning that a handful of celebrity deaths have taught us.

The blog post explores the considerations that are raised from these high-profile deaths, including:

  • His Royal Highness Prince Philip and the importance of Inheritance Tax planning
  • American Actress, Jessica Walter, and how leaving a valid Will can ensure your estate is distributed in line with your wishes
  • Singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse, and what happens when you die intestate (without a Will)
  • Football hero, Maradona, and the family feud over who will inherit his estate
  • Iconic musician, Prince, and the prolonged and lengthy estate administration process

Click here to read the full blog post and discover the valuable lessons that can be learnt.  


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