Discovering Assets & Liabilities In Court Of Protection Matters

Over the past 12 months we have spent a lot of time talking to a wide variety of practitioners working on Court of Protection Matters, listening to their experiences and stories which often showcase the very best, and sadly, the very worst of human nature.

A common frustration (outside of the delays experienced in applications!) are the difficulties involved in fully understanding a clients’ financial affairs. The reasons for uncertainty are wide-ranging but can often be generalised as either too little or too much paper, which can be further compounded by accounts being managed on-line and therefore not generating statements.

In response, through engagement with banks, credit reference agencies and other Financial Institutions we launched our Financial Profile Service providing a comprehensive and efficient due diligence tool to help make enquiries into the financial affairs of a living individual lacking capacity.

Our pioneering data-led due diligence service performs a real-time search of digital financial records compiled from over 500 organisations by Credit Reference Agencies and further notifies over 150 financial institutions including banks, building societies, pension providers, life insurers and share registrars. Since its launch we have helped Panel Deputies and other Professional Deputies to identify previously unknown assets, prevent financial abuse and clearly satisfy regulatory guidelines.

Holly Chantler, Head of Department at Morrisons Solicitors, commented:

“Estatesearch give us a robust due diligence process at the click of a button. Enabling us to gain as full an understanding of P’s financial position as possible, whilst helping us to adhere to our regulatory requirements.”

To find out more about what we do, or share your experiences of managing a vulnerable persons financial affairs visit or get in touch with us at [email protected]

Written by Ben Furlong 

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