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The process of signing documents electronically has caused a lot of scepticism within the legal industry, and the main concern for many professionals and their clients is whether e-signatures are safe and secure.

For many Will writers, printing out instructions and completing forms by hand with the client is a traditional method that a lot of professionals are used to, however we now live in digitally saturated world which is ever-evolving.

The Will writing industry is also becoming subject to these changes, with many businesses converting to electronic operations to continue to develop growth, save money and increase client satisfaction.

In some ways, a wet signature is as classifiable as your fingerprint, but like a fingerprint, a written signature is just a basic mark on a piece of paper with no evidence of when and where it was undertaken. Electronic signatures, however, are solid digital fingerprints that carry layers of encrypted data about when a document was signed, who signed it, where it was signed, how it was signed and even on which device it was finalised on.

Electronic signatures, which have been accepted by the UK since 2000 under the Electronic Communications Act, have adhered to regulations of the Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) since July 2016 and are becoming increasing popular with many business who aim to grow their business and increase client satisfaction.

How secure are electronic signatures?

Every e-signature solution is secured by a digital signature technology that is sealed against any risk of being tampered with. The technology collects ‘process evidence’ that tracks and proves every stage of the signing process by recording the precise steps a signatory goes through. This occurs by capturing data of the existence and direction of website screens, any documentation, legal disclosures and actions taking during review – for example checking boxes and clicking buttons to accept and confirm records.

That’s not all, because the process evidence is firmly embedded into the document that has been signed, it connects the signatory’s intentions and other relevant information to support the evidence of signature.

This process, like many other digital innovations, is a visible advantage over a signed piece of paper, which has every risk of being forged or altered. Filing and storing signed documents is a continued practice for many businesses across the world, however files that are stored electronically are safer, easier to archive, access and search, simpler to manage and are seamlessly portable – no matter how many documents there are.

The wet signature has nothing on today’s electronic signature’s security, traceability and longevity, meaning e-signers can have peace of mind from knowing the overall transaction is safe, secure and protected.

What can Countrywide Legacy’s e-signatures do for your business?

Within Countrywide Legacy’s legal document drafting Software, electronic signing is guaranteed to be secure and promises a better, faster and easier process.

  • Save time and money – No need to print, scan, post or chase documents. Reduce paper waste, decrease operating costs and speed up document delivery with Countrywide Legacy.
  • Provide faster turnaround – Not only can a client sign their legal documents at the touch of a button, they are also able to sign their documents at a time that suits both parties through a secure website link.
  • Increase client satisfaction – Clients are becoming increasingly familiar with signing documentation online and are becoming comfortable with its convenience and speed, which ultimately provides them with an improved service offering.
  • Maximum safety and security – The Software is 100% encrypted which means no outside parties are able to access or tamper with the document that is related to the signing process, providing you with a complete guarantee of security.
  • Tamper proof system – Keeping an audit history means we can view the client’s entire interaction with any legal documents by keeping a record of the IP address and tracking what date and time documents are signed, which device it was signed on and whether the document was ever printed.
  • Document Management – Each time a legal document has been signed, it is tracked and your system is updated instantaneously throughout the entire process. The Software will automatically send you and your client a confirmation email – including a copy for your records – meaning a quicker and safer turnaround time.
  • Secure storage – Once a legal document has been signed, it is stored safely for you to access anywhere on your devices. You can also print the documents if required to, and view for future reference.

Our e-signatures are not only good for your clients, they are good for YOU and YOUR business – large or small!

Want to see how?

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