The First Ever CRM System Specifically Designed For Will Writers, Estate Planners and Private Client Solicitors!

One CRM doesn’t fit all businesses. The key is to select the software that’s right for the way your business works. Choosing the correct CRM for your business can dramatically improve productivity, increase sales and heighten customer satisfaction.

Which is why Countrywide Legacy has taken the step of creating a unique Customer Relationship Management system designed solely for Will Writers, Estate Planning professionals and Private Client Solicitors, as a business management tool. Our system ensures you can organise and manage your prospective clients through the entire sales pipeline with ease, keeping track of appointments and any reminders required from client meetings.

Bespoke to Countrywide, it has been built by the same team of expert programmers who created both the Countrywide Legacy software and our online order tracking facility. This ensures that the CRM successfully integrates with all of your systems and can offer you a range of features specific to your Estate Planning business.

So, if you want a CRM that’s a 5 Star System, tailored to your business and is…

Then look no further…

All this can be yours free when you purchase the Professional bundle!

Or you can purchase the CRM starter package only for just £20+ VAT per month.

For more information, or to purchase your new CRM, contact the New Entrants Department today!

Telephone: 01926 514 392

Email: [email protected]


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