Countrywide Membership Which Includes Our Will Checking Service

Those of you who are members of Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd are aware that we offer a Will Checking Service. This service is INCLUDED in your monthly membership fee.

We thought it would be helpful to circulate a reminder of what the service includes so you can ensure you are getting the most from the assistance we can offer you.

Importantly, we’re here to clarify what the Will Checking Service DOESN’T include.

What the Will Checking Service DOESN’T include:

❌ Checking that a Discretionary Trust names multiple beneficiaries

This is done for you by the Countrywide Legacy software as you input the instruction – the Legacy software will prompt you to include others if you try to continue inputting documentation with one beneficiary.

❌ Checking that a Will names more than one Executor

This is done for you by the Countrywide Legacy software as you input the instruction – the Legacy software will prompt you to include others if you try to continue inputting documentation with one executor.

❌ Checking that you have dealt with 100% of the residue

The Countrywide Legacy software automatically calculates and checks that you have dealt with 100% of the residue, and if you have not, it will prompt you to amend this.

❌ Checking that any conditions are invalid, against public policy, or uncertain

The Countrywide Legacy software will not allow you to go ‘outside of the law.’ If the client instructs you to draft something the software will not allow, it’s because it may not be legally possible. Give the Estate Planning Helpline a call (a benefit included FOR FREE in your membership) for instant help and assistance to see if we can help to achieve the client’s wishes.

If you are using Countrywide’s Legacy software, you don’t need to worry about drafting documentation affected by any of the above issues. Don’t waste your time and money (and that of your client) using a Will Checking Service when you don’t need to. Build your confidence as a Will Writer using software that helps to get documentation right as part of the drafting process – no ‘check’ required.

What the Will Checking Service DOES include:

You can send us Wills your client(s) already have in place when you are looking at providing them with a full recommendation. You just need to send these to us by email, and as part of your membership, we will review these for FREE. We will provide you with some helpful pointers in the form of a short report that you are able to forward to your client when you are instructed to review their estate planning. We will confirm:

  • If the Will is valid
  • Has it been signed and witnessed correctly? (you would be surprised how many we see that aren’t)
  • Are there any common drafting errors made that invalidate the Will completely(referencing incorrect clause numbers is a common one where Wills have been created using templated documents)

We will look to highlight:

  • Any limitations in the Will and what the options may be for remedying these
  • The risks of divorce, remarriage, bankruptcy, and Long Term Care to the intended beneficiaries, and how these areas may be improved upon for the client to consider
  • The tax consequences of the existing Will

There is no limit to the amount of Wills you can submit to us for Will checking. We aim to provide a short report in 48 hours, and most are provided within 24 hours of receipt.

With our help, you can provide your client with some pointers as to why they should consider making a new Will. We’ve never yet seen a Will that couldn’t be improved upon, and we see an awful lot of Wills that are invalid – not that the client is aware of this!

Why waste your valuable time and money checking something that our software does automatically? We will help to maximise your time by helping you offer a better service to your client – concentrate on the things that matter, and forget wasting time and money checking things you shouldn’t have to. Use a system that does this as a matter of course, and use a Will Check Service to help you in other ways.

If you would like more information on our Countrywide Membership, please contact our New Entrants Team on:

01926 514 390 Ext 9170

[email protected]

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