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Here at Countrywide Tax & trust Corporation Ltd, we have been overwhelmed with requests from professionals asking how the Countrywide Legacy software reduces risk for both the firm and the Adviser, whilst remaining compliant during the circumstances we now find ourselves in.

There is no doubt that we are currently, and likely to remain, in unprecedented times. The legal sector, now more than ever, recognises the need for change and how technology is essential for firms to provide vital services to clients.

In a time of self-isolation and the country effectively in lockdown, technology is now becoming a Will writers’ best friend, as face to face meetings can’t take place!

Ahead of the Law Commission’s compelling last year’s report, stating that “electronic signatures should be considered just as legally binding as a handwritten one, even when it is just a typed name or a single click of a button”, we had already developed the technology for electronic signatures and have been utilising them where possible for some time with documents other than Wills, Trusts and LPAs using the Countrywide Legacy software.

So, if this proves to be the solution to overcome the issues surrounding NON face to face instruction taking, we are ready to go!

But what’s in place right now?

We are all aware that refusing to take a client’s instructions that you otherwise would have taken is not an option!

So, in light of the current climate, we have also built in additional features within the Countrywide Legacy software that you are able to utilise now, ahead of upcoming legislation changes. Most notably, we have adapted our ‘Risk Reduction Trilogy‘ to be appropriate for when face-to-face instruction taking isn’t possible.

Countrywide Legacy seamlessly guides the user through, asking all the necessary questions during the instruction taking process suited to when you are not in a face-to-face meeting. This ensures the client’s surrounding circumstances and reasons behind the decision-making are fully documented, and includes a robust set of questions to be answered on testamentary capacity.

This means that you can still retain an electronic comprehensive record of all crucial facts throughout every stage of the process automatically, saving time and reducing risk at every turn, whilst still automatically producing a Will Clarity Statement, Client Disclaimer and Execution Statement during the relevant stages of the process.

We are ready for the changes which will inevitably come.
Are you?

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