The Best Protection For Your Business This Summer

Don’t get burnt by Will claims!

Countrywide Legacy’s Will Clarity Package can protect your business from successful Will claims by automatically compiling a Will Clarity Statement and Statement of Execution for your clients. They fully satisfy the ‘why, when, where, how and what’ when it comes to the wishes and surrounding circumstances, behind your clients’ decision making process when writing their Will.

Our software offers increased protection and reduced risk – for both you and your client.

The Will Clarity Package allows you to:

  • Reduce the risk of a successful claim
  • Answering set questions means nothing is ever omitted from the file
  • Accurately record and store all necessary information
  • Offer clients a superior service
  • Save future administrative time and costs
  • Provide your clients with a voice after they are gone
  • Fix any gaps in staff training


Old isn’t always gold!

Putting pen to paper was sufficient when it was the only way to do things but has always had its drawbacks and can lead to:

  • Misinformation
  • Mistakes
  • Misplacement

As a result, automated systems have now been adopted as the best means of reducing workload and saving time and money involved in administration – so is it time for you to utilise the power of The Will Clarity Package?

Reduce the risk of being burnt by Will Claims this summer and sign up to Countrywide Legacy’s FREE TRIAL now!

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