Countrywide Group Talks: CGT

Following being awarded ‘Best Practice Representative‘ in the inaugural Law & Justice edition of the Parliamentary Review,  Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd and its experts embark on presenting another webinar on based on Capital Gains Tax.

Forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility show Capital Gains Tax (CGT) receipts are set to rise again this year, despite already increasing substantially for a decade.

If you are providing advice on CGT, or are involved in Wealth Management, this hour-long webinar will help you to understand CGT Planning and Trusts. There are steps your clients can take to minimise any liability, and we will help you to identify these and ensure that you avoid common pitfalls.

During the Group Talk, our experts will discuss:

Rates that apply to Trustees

  • The Rate Applicable to Trusts (RAT)
  • Absolute and Bare Trusts
  • Capital Gains Tax Annual Exemption

Using Trusts to defer CGT

  • CGT on transfers with no money changing hand? Yes!
  • Holdover Relief to the rescue? Potential Pitfalls!
  • Other Options to save the day!

Using ‘evidential trusts’ to mitigate CGT

  • CGT on the sale of a second home occupied by the daughter? Yes!
  • Can I mitigate this either totally or partially? Yes!
  • Can I remove the asset form my estate for IHT purposes right away? Yes!

Deeds of Variation and CGT

  • CGT in an estate in administration? Yes!
  • For a Variation, I can read back to the Probate value, Should I? Maybe, maybe not!

Join the Countrywide Group Talk for a discussion of all of the above and lots more.

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All webinars commence at 10am and finish at 11am.

Friday 2nd March

Monday 5th March

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