Why consumer feedback is valuable for your practice

The opinions of consumers are particularly valuable for every business, and in light of recent proposals from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, their significance may soon go beyond their persuasive power.

So why are they so important?

It largely comes down to trust. When the times comes to writing a Will, consumers are often unsure where to start.

From traditional high street practices to contemporary online services, the Will writing market and range of choice available for consumers is growing. However, whilst choice is rarely a bad thing, it can sometimes be overshadowed by confusion.

With so many estate planning options, consumers can be overwhelmed. Rather than opting for the service that is best suited to their needs, they’ll go for the first one they find, something which could lead to them being disappointed later down the line.

There is, however, one thing that consumers do tend to rely on when it comes to seeking out new services, particularly if it’s in a field which they’re unfamiliar with – the opinions of previous clients.

At the Institute of Professional Willwriters, we’ve already taken steps to encourage the previous clients of our members to review the service they’re received. Whilst we’ve already gathered almost 20,000 reviews to date, there is always room to do better, something which our latest statistics indicate.

The small drop in the number of reviews received represents a huge missed opportunity for Willwriters, particularly in light of the benefits that they can bring to a practice.

As well as being beneficial for future clients, these reviews can provide trust and confidence in a practice, gathering more enquiries and boosting business for our members.

No matter how many awards a practice has or areas of expertise that they offer, consumers are far more likely to use a service based on the feedback of real consumers rather than a paragraph of legal jargon. In fact, a study indicated that the majority of consumers are influenced by online reviews, with consumers often trusting the experience likeminded users, and in turn being encouraged that the standard of service that they receive will be of a similar standard.

At the Institute of Professional Willwriters, we provide consumers with a platform to review the service of our members, benefitting both the professional as well as future clients.

Enabling the client to submit their thoughts on the service received, the IPW review tool means that members are able to gain real feedback from consumers, and utilise this to improve the standard of service delivered.

In addition, receiving reviews from real clients allows our members to identify any weaknesses in the service that they deliver, enabling them to continually improve the quality of service as well as prevent any initial issues from happening again.

To discover all the benefits of becoming a member of the IPW, please click here.

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