Connect, build and engage – LinkedIn has it all

We hosted the second in our series of content marketing webinars last Thursday and it was all about LinkedIn. We were so excited to welcome guest speaker along Rich Dibbins from Staxton Digital.

Rich has many years’ experience within law firm marketing and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to LinkedIn, so it was the perfect opportunity to welcome him to our session.

With his 20 years’ experience in the business, he has just launched his online digital marketing course for law firms.

Lindsay from Today’s Media jointly ran the session with Rich, she focused on LinkedIn as a publishing site. She briefly discussed the benefits of blogging as this also served as a mini recap on the first webinar in the series ‘the benefits of content marketing and how to use it in practice’. This linked perfectly to presenting how LinkedIn can be used as a blogging site itself.

Not everybody knows that LinkedIn can be used in this way, gone are the days where the site is just used to look for that perfect candidate or upload your CV, the platform offers so much more now…

Publishing content on LinkedIn is simple and completely free. But what is the point of publishing on LinkedIn if you have your own blog? Well, there is a plethora of reasons and here are some to name a few…

It gives you the chance to write and share content that builds credibility and trust in what you do, and in doing this the platform gives you access to people who are looking for experts in certain areas meaning you can build your client list and grow your legal business. Plus, the handy search tool means you will show up when users are looking for an expert in a certain field.

Also, with over 700 million users worldwide, your LinkedIn blog is likely to receive more views than it possibly would on your own site. Furthermore, people will be able to engage and comment with you in real time on LinkedIn, whereas on your site this may not be the case.

Google also really loves this type of content, and if the content is unique the SEO benefits are superb.  By linking an article on LinkedIn back to your own website, it creates a backlink which improves your Google ranking.

Even if your content isn’t entirely unique, it is beneficial to have content at your fingertips to regularly update your channels with relevant information for your audience, as this will build customer loyalty and further establish your authority within the legal space in which you are practicing.

We then went on to look at how you could actually create a blog on LinkedIn, before Rich came on to share his knowledge on how you can build a 5* profile in under ten minutes and what to avoid when it comes to using the platform.  Both Rich and Lindsay give some great takeaways from their chat, to recap or catch up click here.

It all takes time…

Articles and blogging are the perfect way to engage with your existing customers and prospects. You can build credibility, showcase your expertise and let the client know about the range of services you can provide in a ‘tell not sell’ format. We receive lots of feedback and understand the time challenges practitioners and firms face when it comes to crafting good, quality and researched content.

We have that time.

As the publishers of three online journals providing daily news and best practice we are up to date with trends in the market place and invest time in keyword research and how to use it.

Our bespoke and prewritten content options are perfect for populating your LinkedIn and website blogs, e-newsletters, social channels and much more. We also have a range of packages to suit your content needs.

To discuss our legal content options in more detail please contact Lindsay Gibson, Content Specialist at Today’s Media.

T: 0330 0525 470

E: [email protected]

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