College of Will Writing – ‘Continuing success’

It is difficult to believe how quickly the last few years have gone. The significance of this is that the College of Will Writing’s dedicated training facility has now been open for 3 years and its progression shows no signs of slowing.

“2017 has been incredible so far despite how early we are into it,” remarked Brian McMillan (SWW Director General). “The College of Will Writing have added additional dates to our already popular ‘Introduction to Will Writing’ course which runs every month and our other courses, many of which have been revamped, are nearly all over subscribed”.

Speaking to Diane Mandeville (College of Will Writing Administration Manager) she noted how “the SWW’s ethos towards education and the importance of ‘topping up one’s knowledge’ was crucial to the Society’s idea of being ‘Safe to do business with’”. She added that “more people than ever are coming to the College for their estate planning training and believes that this is down to the great value of the courses and the high standards set by College tutors”.

Head of Communication for the SWW, Thomas Stansfield has had his hands full over the last quarter in marketing the College‘s new course range and is pleased with the results on show. When asked about the College he shared “I don’t really know where to start… We’ve relaunched the IHT course and it is now being taught by James Greenwood-Reeves. We’ve set two dates so far and in a matter of days, the courses have been oversubscribed. I liken him to Ed Sheeran due to his popularity, entertainment value and due to the need to put additional dates in the diary”. “Factor this in with the welcome introduction of our new tutor Ingrid McCleave of The Probate Department Limited Solicitors the feeling at the College is of continuing success”.

The College report that they are delighted to welcome Ingrid on board as a College of Will Writing tutor who will take on and develop the already popular advanced trust course and business succession planning course. In their statement to the SWW, they highlighted the importance of attracting new and engaging tutors and Ingrid’s experience is a welcome addition.

Ingrid McCleave is a barrister and practising solicitor and Head of Legal at The Probate Department Limited Solicitors. She is a former tax adviser at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersens and has extensive experience in taxation, trusts, business succession and estate planning,  Wills & Administration of Estates and elderly client. Her course details will go live over the next week and members will be able to book onto these courses.

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