The College of Will Writing continues expansion plans

Introducing a new course for the Autumn.

Those of you that have attended courses given by James Greenwood, will be familiar not only with his style of delivery but also his knowledge.

James has just finished his master’s at Leeds University and will be starting a 3-year PhD course on Human Rights in September.

We are pleased to announce that James is to continue providing courses for the SWW College of Will Writing, at least for the next couple of years, and this is to introduce a new course on the matter of Estate Planning.

The course (as one might expect from James) is entitled:

Psychopomp: Leading the legacy

Perfecting the Estate Plan

The course is based over two days, with both theory but mainly practical work, ensuring a good understanding of Estate Planning at a higher level.

The two-day course will be available only in Lincoln at the College and will be competitively priced at just £350 for the two days.

Dates have yet to be set, as has the final content, although the initial draft has been agreed.

James uniquely approaches the subject, as he does tax and trusts, from a purely practical perspective as a probate practitioner.

Coming soon. Watch this space for dates.

This practical 2-day course takes a hands-on, pragmatic approach to estate planning and getting your client’s affairs in order. Set at an introductory/intermediate level, the course goes step-by-step through the following processes:

  1. Assessing the client’s needs: capacity, liabilities, ambitions
  2. Formulating draft plans: combining lifetime and Will planning
  3. What to include in the Will: beneficiaries, formalities, risks
  4. Will trusts and practical considerations: IHT, control, storage
  5. Lifetime planning and gifts: tax, trusteeship, outcomes
  6. How to set up a trust: processes, partners, appointments
  7. Bringing it together: case studies, role plays and workshops

We will keep everyone posted when the course officially launches.

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