Challenging Wills and Other Claims to the Estate: an Update

We are delighted to welcome Mark Baxter from 5 Stone Buildings who will be presenting the next instalment of Certainty Expert Webinars.

The webinar will look at recent decisions in contentious probate and related cases, and a review of where the law related to challenging Wills or claiming the estate stands.


·         Grounds for attack

·         Collateral attack

·         Recent decisions

·         Where we are

·         Costs

Mark Baxter, Barrister, 5 Stone Buildings

Mark has a thriving traditional Chancery and Court of Protection practice and accepts instructions in both contentious and non-contentious matters across the full range of Chambers’ core practice areas. He appears regularly in the High Court, County Courts (especially Central London), Court of Protection, and at mediations. The core of Mark’s Chancery practice consists of disputes as to the administration and distribution of deceased’s estates, including advising on and litigating contentious probate claims (on all grounds), Inheritance Act claims, proprietary estoppel and other equitable claims to estate assets, construction and rectification, and substitution and removal of Personal Representatives. Mark also regularly advises in respect of the administration of trusts and disputes arising there from, especially as to breach of duty and/or the proper exercise of discretions.

Please join us for our highly informative, complimentary 1 hour webinar on Thursday 26th April – 12.00pm. Places are limited so register for the webinar now.

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