How can you generate more LPA enquiries?

The Office of Public Guardian told us this week at the Society of Will Writers’ Conference that less than 1% of people in the UK have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and that according to their research those who do only get round to it following a trip to the doctors.

This leaves a staggering 99% of us without an LPA, and I haven’t met anyone to date who doesn’t think that LPAs aren’t a good idea.

So as an industry we all need to do more to highlight the benefits of LPAs and turn the tide on the lethargy that currently exists in the UK.

One way is to constantly stream information into the public domain about the benefits of making an LPA, whether this be at networking meetings, your website, social media, local publications or via handouts and newsletters. Editor Assist provides you with a monthly pack of useful and informative consumer friendly articles, which include at least one article on LPAs every month, leaving you free to deal with the new enquiries they generate.

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