Brook Worthy Law announce new services in supporting Will Writers

Brook Worthy Law today launched several new services to the Will Writing community including Estate Administration and Probate, paying an industry high of 30% in referral fees.

Philip Pamment, Joint Managing Director said:

"We felt for some time that things could be done differently.

"At nearly every meeting and seminar we attended we heard our colleagues having the same frustrations. So we felt after all our hard work we might offer the services we are beginning to develop ourselves.

"Probate and storage were the obvious places to start and we have worked hard to formulate a highly competitive service including free storage and a 30% referral fee, but we are very excited at some of the other things we are offering too."

Patrick Mousley, Joint Managing Director added:

"It’s very exciting to be able to offer a variety of other Legal Documents to existing or new clients. Partner agreements and Tenancy agreements we think will be very popular but there are many more in our portfolio.

"Equally we know many of our businesses that would be seriously affected by long-term illness and incapacity. We are now able to cover appointments and back office services for those facing difficult times.

"We also know many people who wonder how they might get the best from their Will banks in retirement. Our proposition will be very interesting to most because it simply keeps on paying year after year rather than a lump sum often equating to only a few years storage income.

"Brook Worthy Law will launch further enhancements and services over the coming months all designed to support and help maximise revenue to existing businesses."

For further information contact [email protected].

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