The Vital Balance Between Technology and Human Legal Service Professionals

Consumer expectations have started to shift in recent years; spurred on, in part, by technological advancements. The consumer now lives a lifestyle of instant gratification.

Gone are the days where a customer is forced to wait outside a physical location for the shop to open before making their desired purchase; it can now be bought or reserved online with same day delivery now a realistic option.

To a large extent, this mind-set has also transferred into the services a person requests. The consumer is increasingly looking to find the relevant information and secure the relevant services at a time that suits them, usually after business hours. Therefore, becoming more tech savvy is an important consideration for Willwriters and Estate Planners.

At the very least, consumers are looking for information on the services that Willwriters and Estate Planners can provide. Increasingly, they would like to know cost, expected time scales and the availability of a Willwriter with some immediacy.

Amendments to HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) have seen a mass migration to online services in recent weeks. Consumers can now make the statement of truth and apply for a grant of probate online as opposed to making official declarations in court. As this becomes the norm, consumers will be looking for more of these services to operate online.

According to a recent survey by VWV (Lawyers & Solicitors), more consumers are looking for legal services to embrace technology without relying on it.

52% of respondents thought that wills made and stored online should be valid and would seek amendments to the current Wills Act 1837 that would enable Willwriters to store Wills electronically, as opposed to current legislation that states that all Wills should be paper based.

However, 70% of respondents were adamant that they would not trust technology alone to produce their Will. Consumers place their trust in the human expert and still value the interaction, empathy and understanding of the human professional.

Whilst the consumer is looking for technology-based solutions that will work alongside the legal professional to create a smoother and more efficient process, they do not want this at the expense of the face to face experience.

This can be a difficult balance to achieve. The Institute’s Willwriting Academy Annual Conference 2019 will boast a range of innovative technological exhibitors. Undoubtedly, the conference will be a fantastic way to understand how technology can be used to help improve the client experience.

Additionally, expert speakers will provide all attendees with intricate insights into the various changes and obstacles in the year ahead.

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