(UK) Ltd Cuts Data Re-Keying by up to 50% with New Offline Option: Arken Anywhere

  • You can now take instructions offline and upload to your Arken Professional account once you’re back online
  • In acknowledgement of increased demand for technology services on-the-move
  • Ideal for home or hospital visits where internet connection can be unreliable, as well as instruction taker / consultant networks

The cost of re-keying data is significant to Private Client businesses.

Many practices are looking for effective solutions that will reduce or eliminate this efficiency pain point. In recognition of this demand, document automation SaaS company (UK) Ltd has announced its solution: Arken Anywhere – an offline version of Arken Professional that will sync with your account once you’re back online.

There are two main uses to this latest innovation:

  • If you conduct regular home or hospital visits where internet connection can be unreliable, you can now park the paper, reduce re-keying and miss nothing with fuss-free access to the Arken questionnaire
  • If you have an introducer or consultant network who are taking instructions, but you don’t want them to draft or view the final documents, they can now input the details without requiring an Arken Professional licence or internet connection. Once back online, they can sync with your Arken account and add any comments they have, enabling your drafters to efficiently complete the drafting process back in the office. No need to decipher handwriting or go back-and-forth with paper versions. Simple, efficient, effective.

Business benefits include speeding up your client service, taking comprehensive instructions, reducing time re-keying data, ensuring consistency across your team, increasing the knowledge of your instruction takers via questionnaire prompts and eliminating potential errors from handwritten instructions.

“We’re extremely excited to be bringing this product to the market,”

explains (UK) Ltd MD, Dave Newick.

“Arken Anywhere speeds up the drafting process significantly by reducing time spent re-keying data by up to 50%. Our interactive questionnaire prompts the instruction taker to ask all the relevant questions, so nothing’s missed. It links seamlessly to other elements of the Arken product suite, too – all steps towards digitising your business and enabling growth.”

You can book a demo of Arken Anywhere via the website.

 For further details on this new product and other new time-saving Private Client business tools:

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