More adults obtaining free wills and most pay no more than £150 for a will

According to a YouGov consumer survey more adults are obtaining free wills and the majority of people may no more than £150 for a will.

The will writing sector is one of the most price-competitive legal markets and, and some 23% claimed to have obtained a free will according to the survey in 2015., 37% paid up to £100 for their will and another 21% paid between £101 and £200 for their will.

Karen Babington from Editor Assist said: “Whilst this doesn’t account for other products and services sold at the same time, it gives a clear message that for those companies in the will writing sector who choose to provide a low cost service that they should make plenty of noise about it. After all these figures highlight that a will can cost as little as a round of golf, west end theatre tickets or dinner for four at Pizza Express. So it is a compelling message to challenge potential customers to forego a night out and spend it planning their families security instead.”

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