92% Report Issues Obtaining Financial Information As Executor Or Deputy

During our latest webinar we polled all attendees asking them if they ever encountered difficulties when obtaining financial information as an Executor, Deputy or Attorney.

A staggering 92% of respondents confirmed they had at one time or another encountered issues obtaining financial information. With 50% reporting issues occasionally, and 25% reporting they regularly experienced difficulties.

Leaving 17% saying a lack of information or difficulty getting information was rare. The final 8% (the lucky few) reported never having had issues obtaining financial information in respect of an estate.

The poll featured in our ten-minute webinar exploring how practitioners can access and use Credit Data in estate administration or managing property and affairs, which 100% of respondents found useful.

This is the first webinar in our Modern Practitioners Toolkit series, a collection of ten-minute coffee break webinars looking at new and emerging tools available to Executors, Administrators, Deputies & Attorneys.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at Asset Searches, Preventing Fraud & Financial Abuse, and Early Distributions. Each webinar will be available Live and On Demand.

Click here to Register (https://www.estatesearch.co.uk/modern-practitioners-toolkit)

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