What is Google ‘My Business’ and how can it help generate wills and probate enquiries?

Editor Assist is offering a free Google My Business health check as part of our service.

Google My business isn’t anything new, however it has recently brought together a few of Google’s services and brought them under one platform. A few of those services you might be familiar with and others aren’t as relevant however he’s a few you might recognise:

  • Google+: Google’s social networking platform. You can share messages, photos, videos, and links to your followers. All straight from the My Business page.
  • Reviews: Google has an entire review platform, which gives businesses ratings based on their reviews. This is all manageable through the main page.
  • Maps: Manage your business’s location and information available on Google Maps

These services and more can now all be accessed from the one Google MyBusiness Account. You might already be using some of these functions and some in particular are vital for promoting your services online and ensuring that local customers find you.

More and more people are now researching or finding services online whether it’s via their mobile, tablet or desktop. In a lot of cases people will specify a location to a service they’re looking for i.e. ‘will writers in stoke-on-trent’ and Google are getting very good at presenting results they think are most relevant to their customers. This means Google is now prioritising those services they know are based in and near the location being searched. This is even more prevalent as the rise of mobile devices means google often knows the location of people using their search without them even designating it in their search phrase.

This is where Google My Business comes in as it is essentially a way of telling Google where your business operates by a physical address and allows it to promote your services in local search results, google maps listings and via Google+. If this used in tandem with a Google+ brand page, it has the potential to display a Google My Business card alongside the top search results. Here’s an example of Dunham McCarthy appearing with a local business listing for the search phrase ‘will writers stoke’.

Both of these are great opportunities for your business to be found in highly relevant, local searches and only achievable through a properly setup and optimised Google My Business listing that’s also linked to your website.

Editor Assist www.editorassist.co.uk is offering a free Google My Business health check as part of our service – so to find out if your business listings are up to date please contact us on [email protected]

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