10 Recommended Tips for Choosing Will Writing Software

Will writing software has become a key element in providing a quality Will service to clients.

In a world where family dynamics can be complex and tax rules and legislation are continually subject to change, giving the correct advice has never been more important.

Choosing the right software is essential to your business and it is vital that you take your time and put in some real thought when considering which software will be best for you. Making the right choice will showcase what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Below are some recommended factors for you to think about when looking to purchase software which will meet your business needs:-

  1. Get to know what’s on offer. Before you can establish which Will writing software will be best for you, you need to know what each one can do. Shortlist 3 providers of software and ask for a demo with each. As well as giving you the opportunity to see exactly what you will be getting, you’ll also find out how responsive your potential supplier is.
  2. Compliance is crucial. Though this can be something which falls to the back of the priority list, it’s essential, especially if any problems arise later down the line. Check whether the software provides a clear audit trail which records the information you are provided and the advice you are giving, as well as the process you followed.
  3. Check company credentials. How long has the company been providing software? Do they have legally qualified professionals with specialist experience and expertise in private client legal services? Who uses their software? You don’t want to choose a provider who is here this year and not the next.
  4. Choose Quality over Cost. As it’s a key part of your business, cost alone should not be the determining factor in your system selection: the software is important both to support the advice you provide and to give protection to you and your business.  Choosing high quality software is the only way to ensure that you’re maximising productivity and minimising risk, whilst enabling you to deliver a premium service to your clients both efficiently and cost-effectively.
  5. Not just simple Wills. When you check how easy the software is to use, always consider if and how it can adapt to different circumstances. Make sure that the software you select helps you to draft all Wills – from simple to the most comprehensive – easily and without compromising quality or efficiency.
  6. Keeping up to date. It’s important to ensure that your chosen provider can keep the software up to date with the latest changes in the legal services industry, both in relation to legislation as well as best practice.
  7. Get to know your supplier. Investing in new software will hopefully lead to a long-term trusted relationship with your supplier, so it’s important to get to know how they work. For example, how do your potential suppliers answer the phone? How quickly do they respond to enquiries? What customer support do they provide post purchase?  Do they provide training on the best use of the software for you and your business?
  8. Security is key, especially with the General Data Protection Regulation regime shortly coming in to force. As a Data Controller, it is important you ask what security the software provides, as well as the framework which supports this, particularly if the software is cloud-based.
  9. Trial. Ensure that you trial the software before making a commitment.  Compare like for like by using the same client scenarios with each software to compare ease of use, features, functionality, document output and efficiency.
  10. Finally, consider your own business strategy and satisfy yourself that the software will meet your needs and business goals, not only now but in the longer term. Discuss with potential suppliers their product and technology roadmap.

Don’t deliberate.

Once you have run through your checklist and decided on your chosen supplier, contact them and ask what contracts they have on offer.  Also, be sure to clearly establish what payment terms are available to you as well as arranging any training.

Your chosen Will writing software plays a key role in growing your business successfully; the sooner you have a future-proof software provider in place the better your overall service to clients will be.

This article was submitted to be published by DPL Professional as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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