Young Practitioner Of The Year Comments On Victory

Congratulations to Karan Soni of Farewill for winning the title of ‘Young Practitioner of the Year’ at the second prestigious British Wills and Probate Awards on 17th October 2019 at the esteemed Belfry Resort and Hotel.

With the increased number of submissions in categories for the awards this year, the judging panel were spoilt for choice as they fervently went through the entries to find three outstanding finalists, namely Jack Ackrill of The Wilkes Partnership, Jessica Huczmann of Emery Johnson Astills and of course Karan Soni of Farewill.

Eventually, judge’s decision was final and Karan Soni, representing Farewill, was crowned as cream of the crop in this category.

The judges commented on the winner saying Karan is “a rising star, delivering an exceptional client experience. Demonstrating care, compassion and commitment to every aspect of his work. A deep understanding of technology with the motivation and drive to continue his personal development.”

Congratulations on winning the Young Practitioner of the Year award, tell us about your role in the firm? 

Thank you!

I’m one of the Senior Will Specialists here at Farewill. I started here in July 2018 as a Will Specialist and my role involves speaking to our customers to make sure they’re happy, that they’re able to navigate around our product, but most importantly that they’re able to make informed decisions about their wills.

I also help to check the wills that our customers submit to ensure accuracy and that they receive any extra information if they need it. 

How did you feel winning ‘Young Practitioner of the Year’ Award? 

I was so happy! It’s a huge accomplishment and an award I’m so honoured to receive.

As much as it’s an individual award, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing team around me. Everything from the training I receive to the support I get now has been nothing short of incredible. It allows me to be at my best every day.

What do you like best about your job? 

I really enjoy being able to speak to customers and being able to help our customers. We talk to people who are confused about their wills and sometimes are in really distressing situations. It means a lot that I’m able to provide some peace of mind to these people. Just to make a part of their life a little bit easier.

What challenges have you faced in the last 12 months and how have you overcome them? 

Some of the hardest challenges come from people who are in end of life situations and are relying on our service to ensure they can record their wishes. Those conversations can be quite difficult and emotional but I always make sure that they are equipped with the right information and I make sure we’re able to give them what they need on time and that we don’t let them down.

What would you say to a young person thinking of a career in this industry?  

 I’d highly encourage young people to get involved in this industry. It’s an area of law that a lot of people don’t think about but one that most people need an understanding of. It’s providing a truly valued service and one that allows you to touch so many lives. The rewards are endless.

Why is the British Wills and Probate Awards event, which recognises excellence and highlights achievement in the industry, so important to the industry? 

The industry is one that is continuously growing and one that’s growing quickly. Companies like Farewill are trying to change the way we deal with death and it’s important to have an event that recognises that. It promotes competition within the industry and it’s this that continues to motivate companies to deliver an excellent level of services to their customers.

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