Wills and probate complaints report released

According to the Legal Ombudsman complaints data, the third most complained about area of law is wills and probate.

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Between 2012 and 2014, the number of complaints remained at a similar level. This figure has since fallen, with an overall drop to 824 last year, a reduction of 197.

The Ombudsman report also gathers data on the nature of the consumer complaint. As they usually are about more than one specific issues, the information will instead be split into general areas of complaint as opposed to certain individual complaints. These categories consist of costs, delay or failure to progress, failure to advise, not following instructions and failing to communicate.

The most common area of complaint in this legal sector has always been in relation to delay, which made up 23% of complaints last year.

Issues regarding costs are also prominent, staying consistent at 18% and rising last year to 19% of wills and probate complaints.

In total, the Legal Ombudsman resolved 6,399 complaints last year; 13% of these related to wills and probate.



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